21 Affordable Gift Ideas For That Beer And BBQ Guy

Beer and BBQ… The Ultimate Combination of Gift Giving Awesomeness Why? It makes it so easy… unless you have one of those… err guys who have everything and I mean everything… but for the Beer and BBQ lover, there are endless amounts of gadgets, accessories and fun stuff to consider. While it can be difficult … [Read more…]

Impress Your Guests With These Simple Sangria Recipes

  Simple Sangria Recipes The simplest of Sangria recipes is the ultimate crowd pleaser and is shown below along with a fancier type Sangria recipe. If you want to get all creative, add a bit more booze, and show off your cocktail skills and hosting finesse, try it out! Sangria is a Spanish style of punch, … [Read more…]

8 Great Burger Recipes For A Standout BBQ

  Mouthwatering Burger Recipes For The BBQ I like my burgers simple… Good quality, somewhat fatty ground beef, salt and pepper, and a little bit of beef booster/stock powder, to bring out the flavour. To me, this makes the meat shine through and makes for a meatier tasting burger. No need for a burger recipe … [Read more…]

BBQ Ideas And Essentials For Entertaining In Style

10 Great BBQ Ideas and Entertaining Favourites Looking for BBQ ideas and entertaining additions to give you a “Host with the Most” kinda feeling? With summer being just around the corner, it is the time for backyard BBQ’s, parties and fun. Summer brings so many awesome things…holidays are organised, parties are had, mates get together on … [Read more…]