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ALCOHOL SHOT GUN DRINKING GAME Brilliant for Hens parties, hilarious for bucks nights, in fact, The Alcohol Shot Gun is just the shot for any party where fun is the aim! The Alcohol Shot Gun, as its name suggests, will shoot a shot of your favorite drink straight into your mouth without touching the sides! (That’s assuming you’ve got your aim right, of course). Just load up the Alcohol Shot Gun with 1-1/2 fluid ounces (41ml), open your mouth, aim the front of the gun and pull the trigger. Then it’s boom! Bourbon bulleting into your mouth, rum ricocheting off your tongue, whiskey whizzing down your throat or even just plain old cola hitting the spot!FEATURES Perfect for Hens, bucks, or 21st parties Great gift for adult birthdays Aim, fire, and shot! SPECIFICATIONS Made from plastic It fires 1 and a half fluid ounces (41 ml) of beverage using a spring loaded plunger. Drink Responsibly PLEASE NOTE This product is not a toy. Whilst it can be used in conjunction with drinking alcohol, we strongly recommend drinking responsibly and in moderation. Close your eyes while using. Alcohol Burns.

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