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BEER BREWING KIT | BREWSMITH7000 years ago human beings were brewing beers. We really just love beer. Scholars have even guessed that the first wheat farmed wasn’t used for making the far more practical bread, but rather the much more fun beer. So, if our ancient ancestors with their lack of proper sanitation, Wi-Fi and Fairy dishwashing liquid managed to craft a crisp brew in their backyard, what’s stopping us?Brew Smith, an all Australian business run out of Melbourne, have the answer. They provide the easiest and best way to create brilliant beer, right in your home. With this premium beer making kit, anyone can make great tasting craft beer. Did you get that? Craft beer, NOT home brew. Follow the three expertly detailed and easy steps by using all of the provided equipment. The only thing you’ll have to supply is a pot, a spoon, a sieve, 13 empty beer bottles and a thirst for excellence. After one hours work and three weeks fermentation, your perfected coldie is complete. Like Yellow Octopus, BrewSmith has awesome customer service. So if something doesn’t seem like it’s going quite the way it should, they’re always available to chat to. The Aussie Wattle Pale Ale kit is a world first. This beer has highlights of flavour from native Aussie herbs and spices. It also uses all Australian grown hops. Fans of Coopers and Little Creatures Pale will warm right up to this beer, however, its more complex hop taste and wattle seed nuttiness put it in its own superior class.The bright and refreshing Summer Citrus Blonde Ale makes for exceptionally easy drinking. Some surprise spices add a unique and frankly amazing character to this sensational session drink. If beer isn’t really your thing but you want to get in on the crafting action, try out the Simple Cider Brewing Kit for some apple awesomeness. FEATURES One kit can yield 13 stubbies or 4.5 litres of beer The equipment is all reusable; simply buy a recipe refill with new ingredients! By using no preservatives, hangovers are mercifully MUCH tamer After the initial investment of the kit, re-fills result in a cost of $1.50 per stubbie SPECIFICATIONS Kit contains: All necessary ingredients (incl. malt, hops, grains, wattle seed, brewing yeast) All re-usable equipment is also included, except empty beer bottles Estimated ABV: 4.4%

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