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Finally, a way to make sure that every sip of your bottled beer is a cold as the first! Have you ever forgotten to chill your beer? We know…perish the thought, but it does happen to the best of us. Now you can grab a warm beer right off the shelf and be sipping a cool one within MINUTES with this awesome little piece of technology. Never let a warm beer ruin a good party again! Just freeze each Chillsner for about 45 minutes, then place it in your bottle of beer, pressing down tightly to form a seal. The chill stick keeps your beer at the perfect icy temperature–no more warm beer! This invention definitely deserves to win some sort of Nobel Prize…the amazing gel inside each stick stays amazingly cold for ages, and they’re reusable, so you can always be that guy with the cold beer at parties. No more half-empty bottles of warm beer just left to die…so pointless! With the Beer Chillsner you’ll never have to drink a warm bottle of beer again, unless you just like it that way. Each set comes with two stainless steel Chillsner sticks designed to keep beer cold and parties going strong! Okay, so maybe we can’t say the bit about the parties, but we can confirm that these little beauties are easy to clean and make great gifts, so buy some for the beer drinkers in your life. Good beer deserves better than to be left hot and undrunk…. Features: 2 Beer Chillsner Drink chillersStainless steel with super cooling gel insideStays cold for agesReusableGreat for parties or to give as a gift

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