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CUSTOM BBQ BRANDING IRONBarbecuing is such a fun thing to do with this Custom BBQ Branding Iron. Name your meat and steaks for your guests. Or, put on some funny captions on each with the 52 interchangeable letters on this hot branding iron. Express your literary skills on the hot plate and we’re sure that you’ll have super fun meals with your family or friends.FEATURES Do It Yourself – set of 52 interchangeable letters Wooden handle Made from steel Messages on the iron can be altered as many times as you want SPECIFICATIONS The branding iron measures 43 cm long The attached lettering plate is 9 by 4 cm Contains the following letters: 3x As, 2x Bs, 2x Cs, 3x Ds, 2x Es, 2x Fs, 1x G, 2x Hs, 3x Is, 1x J, 1x K, 4x Ls, 2x Ms, 2x Ns, 4x Os, 2x Ps, 1x Q, 3x Rs, 3x Ss, 3x Ts, 1x U,1x V, 1x W, 1x X, 2x Y, 1x Z Caution: Not for children 3 years old and younger

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