Everdure e2go Grill Portable BBQ – Red


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Take home from $14.19 per week. The Everdure red e2go has been designed with portability in mind.
It features a revolutionary cast aluminium body which allows for a large cooking area while being lighter in weight and ready to go with you.
The high hood allows you to roast the perfect Sunday lunch eating out has never been so much fun.
The red e2go cooks anything anywhere.
Easy snap close serveries with plenty of room to pack everything you need to work your barbie magic e2go grease management channel and grease fat drip tray makes cleaning as easy as throwing away one disposable tray 1/2 matt vitreous open grill plate and reversible 1/2 flat/griddle plate for flexible cooking High mounted hood with temperature gauge – perfect for roasting High hood and temperature gauge for roasting

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