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Liven up your holiday or cocktail party with these unique LED flashing martini glasses. Fill them with your favourite beverages and enjoy as each glass flashes an array of beautiful colours in stylish LEDs. They look great garnished with a lime, lemon, or orange slice, or olive spears if you’re having martinis. Not using them for alcoholic beverages? These colourful glasses are a giant hit at children’s birthday parties and can be filled with lemonade, juice, punch, or any other children’s drink. Kids go absolutely nuts over the LED lights and won’t be able to stop talking about them.These flashing martini glasses are also the perfect addition to your bar or nightclub! Patrons will love the refreshing change of pace from your everyday, boring cocktail glasses they’re used to being served from. They’re a fantastic accent for a mixed cocktail, martini or cosmopolitan, and are sure to be a talking point amongst your customers. Make sure to check out our LED flashing party pitcher to treat your customers to a total LED drink ware experience.These amazing LED glasses are also great for your next trendy house party or special event. They’re also perfect to give as gifts, party favors, or door prizes at a corporate event or shower. Get creative and see how you can incorporate them into your next get together.Each order comes with (1) flashing cocktail glass.

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