Inflatable Squirting Shark & Croc Pool Toys

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SQUIRTING INFLATABLE PREDATOR POOL TOY Nile Crocodile: It’s not normally advisable to swim with Crocodiles, but this one is harmless! Measuring a massive 28 inches, this rubbery reptile is ready for summer fun in the pool. This bad boy floats on water, but not only that, if you fill him up he’ll squirt through that long snout and gnarly teeth. Based on the Nile crocodile, a fearsome armour plated predator that can grow up to 23 feet, this inflatable version looks super realistic, minus the danger! Great White Shark:No need to fear a shark attack with this Great White. He might look fearsome, but he’s completely harmless! Simply blow him up and he’s ready for hours of summertime sun. This inflatable pool toy looks exactly like a Great White Shark which is pretty cool because, did you know that Sharks existed 200 million years before the Dinosaurs? Although Sharks are ancient, this one has some new age tricks. With an internal bladder you can fill him up with water and squirt out his mouth. This is the most fun shark you’ll ever meet. FEATURES Inflatable pool toy Fearsome shark or crocodile Squirt bladder! Tough and durable Made for Aussie conditions SPECIFICATIONS Dimensions (Croc – Not inflated): 67cm x 14.5cm x 7cm Dimensions (Shark – Not inflated): 69cm x 23cm x 7cm Material: RubbeR Ages 3+ Not a floatation device Instructions: To inflate, insert needle of an air pun into the hole on underside POOL TOYS SOLD SEPERATELY

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