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SOUND EFFECTS SIMULATOR SOUND MACHINESprinkle your conversations with a burst of laughter, a round of applause or do you ever feel the need for a major explosion? You will soon wonder how you ever managed without a perfect push button wolf-whistle, a raspberry, or a fanfare and drum-roll on demand.We have 2 different types of machines available, including the Fart Fanfair and Pirate Edition.These sounds could get you out of an annoying phone call or a sticky situation or simply have a laugh and play pranks with friends! This wide variety of sounds offers an array of fun, cheeky opportunities throughout the day.Fart Fanfair (9 sounds)9 realistic farting sounds. No explanation needed.Pirate Edition (9 sounds)Perfect for use when sharing your loot or being pursued by the Admiralty. 9 different sounds of the seven seas. Includes: “Walk the plank”, sword fighting, cannon fire etc.FEATURES Great novelty gift 2 different types of sound machines to choose from Great fun for parties or gags Extremely hilarious and funny

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