The 51 Most Popular Drinking Games Set


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THE 51 MOST POPULAR DRINKING GAMES Four Kings, Up the River, Schwartz Figliano, Boat Races, Poo-Bum-Dickie, Fuzzy Duck. For many people, this may just sound like a silly line of gobbledegook and made-up phrases; however, to an elite number of us, it’s the recipe for a winner of a Friday night. These, along with 45 other world famous drinking games, have been masterfully compressed into one epic box. Included is a rule booklet (because there are always arguments over what the Jack does in Four Kings), 108 “Never Ever…” statements, 108 WTF questions, a pack of cards, game chips, ping pong balls and two dice. Armed with this box of tricks, you’re all set to make your next pre-drinks legen…. wait for it… and I hope you’re not lactose intolerant, because the second half of the word is… dary! Legendary! FEATURES Make your pre-drinks officially awesome Crack open a drink, gather your mates and play away Included are games you already love and games you’re bound to love SPECIFICATIONS Includes 51 drinking games with rules included Contains various props needed for game play Does not contain alcohol

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